Saturday, 23 January 2010

Film noir & an unexpected dinner

This evening I went to visit my good friend Wonderful electric. We were planning on watching a film, and we ended up with seeing 'The big sleep' (1946). The film is based on the novel written by Raymond Chandler. Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) is a private detective and who gets hired by General Sternwood (Charles Waldron). Marlowe's job is to watch over the General's youngest daughter, Carmen (Martha Vickers), as she's gotten herself in trouble. The General's oldest daughter, Vivian (Lauren Bacall) ends up getting quite close to the investigator. Several murders get commited, and Mr. Marlowe is on the case.

With Humphrey Bogart as leading man and Lauren Bacall as leading lady, you would predict this to be a sucsessfull film, but I've heard mixed things about 'The big sleep.' Some find it confusing while others like the it. I myself found the film to be a bit confusing. I felt the film added new characters all the time, without them getting properly introduced. Maybe I would have to read the novel to get what's written inbetween the lines, or maybe I just need to pay even better attention. I'm not saying I didn't like the film, it's got its moments. I actually think the film is worth seeing just because of the cast. Or, because of Lauren Bacall. She's ranking high on my list over favourite film noir actresses. Supporting actress, Martha Vickers, also gets to shine a little in the film. Showing off her careless cute self with witty comments.

"You're cute, I like you." (Martha Vickers)
Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall

While me and my friend were watching the film, her boyfriends family were preparing dinner downstairs. I was munching potatochips because I hadn't eaten all day. She went out the room for a second and when she came back in she'd apparantly gotten me an invitation to eat dinner with them. I ended up going downstairs enjoyed a jummy turkeydinner, and it wasn't to bad after all!

After dinner my friend showed me a book by the stunning Dita Von Teese. This book is fantastic! Well, I haven't exactly read anything in it yet. That's because I got completely blinded and swooned by the beautiful pictures of this hot mama! I think that's a valid excuse, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Den filmen der er nydelig. Tror jeg så den sammen med Mads en gang i sommer. Loved it. Hun yngste søstra er søt.

Ronja said...

Tjaa, nydelig og nydelig.. :p Skjer ikkje så masse nyedelig i den, syns ej da, men den e fin!
Søstra e sjarmerende indeed :) Ett søtt men forvirra menneske.

Lisa Kristin said...

Herregud, ej vil dø, så teit e ej. NO først streifet tanken "Kanskje Karina me he blogg sia ho he sånn bilde av sej når ho kommentera ... hmmm" Ej legg mej flat. Elska bloggen din, den går rett på lista ^^

Ronja said...

SØTA! :)
ps: sjekk mail. hihi.

Vail Bee said...

the book is fantastic. the read is almost better than the photos! i prefer the burlesque side to the fetish side, but they are both page turners!