Sunday, 27 September 2009

Love, Make Up Store

I went to Make Up Store with my girlfriend a while ago. I got some AMAZING lipstuff. A dark red lipstick, Vamp, and a red lipliner, Russian. Together they show up as a really deep red, which is exactly what I wanted. Plus my teeth doesn´t look yellow with this colour, so that´s awesome as well. My economy suffered a great deal beacause of this purchase, but the lipstick is worth living off of soup for! Earlier my boyfriend surprised me with a really cool sparkly eyeshadow from Make Up Store - and this when I was having kind of a bad day. The colour is named Ra - I love it!

I'v also found my new must-have (one in a billion) from The Balm. Sexy mama anti-shine powder. I love their designs and products.