Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Nameless blog

What I really should be doing right now is writing my exam, which by the way I´ve nearly written three pages on. There should be ten.. and I have only four more days to make this happen. I´m really not worried, because I always seem to manage somehow. This is a really boring thing to be blogging about, especially when I have so much superfun stuff to write about instead. First: I´m going to Iceland practically for free, for about four weeks in June - and it´s probably my favourite country in the whole world, besides Norway. I CAN´T WAIT. After that I am moving away to live with my manfriend. That should be interesting.. Good thing we have two bedrooms. My girlfriend lives in the same city *happyface*, although it´s kind of bittersweet. Sweet, because this year I´m gonna see her much more than what I did last year. Bitter, because she might be moving to England next year *not so happyface*.

Me and my now ex-roomate went to another friends birthdaycelebration this weekend. I made my hair look.. way over the top. At least compared to the others who were at the party. But it was FUN. The hair I mean, not the party. Kidding. I can tell by my writing that I´m sleepy. 

Thank you

I couldn´t have done it without you.