Thursday, 22 July 2010

Introducing Cotton Candy hair

So my first (techniqually second) experiement with Manic Panic hair toners. I used the 'Cotton Candy Pink' on a couple of sections underneath the top part of my hair. I started out by pinning all the hair from my ears and up, out of the way. I took medium sized sections, placed a piece off foil underneath it and pinned the hair and foil together with double prong clips while attaching it to the root of the hair. This held each section seperated from the hair that I didn't want to get any pink toner on, and the foil made it really easy to just 'paint' the toner on. After coloring I wrapped up each section and waited about an hour before I rinsed the bottom part of my hair over the sink in cold water to lock in the color.

The blue clip is holding the hair that was underneath and in between the pink that I didn't want to get toner on. This was after I rinsed the hair and after I blowdryed it. Even though it looks bright pink in the jar, the name is definitely more true to the actual color. It's cotton candy! Oh, and here you can see how badly I need to bleach my roots. That's hot! I enjoyed trying out the pink toner, it doesn't show as well when I have my hair down, which is fine. I just wanted a little something extra, nothing too crazy, and I like it!

This week I also figured out how I wanted to create my glamorous side swept updo thingy. I'm kind of happy with it, but of course it can be perfected. The flower is this months blossom from Belle Blossom.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Blossom of the Month

It's a new month which means more flooowers! At least if you're a member of The Blossom of the Month club, a relatively new feature from Belle Blossoms.

This months flower is truly unique. It's a deep red/burgundy, green and orange-ish orchid. (Man, do I rock at describing flowers or what...) Actually it's techniqually not just one flower. It's three of them put together on one clip which makes a nice little bouquet. This orchid is truly one of a kind, I've never seen anything like this anywhere else.

I love how different the two flowers I've recieved from BOM has been so far. (June and July.) This just shows that you don't have to worry about not getting variety in different flowers! Also love the way you recieve the flowers. Each one is wrapped in some pretty paper and tied with ribbons. Adorable! It makes the surprise of opening the package and seeing the flower even more exciting. Being a member of this club also provides you with exclusive petals that you can't buy at Belle Blossom's, since so far I haven't seen any of the BOM flowers on the site. You also get a hint for what next months flowers is going to be. This months hint for August was stinking easy though..! But I think it just made me more excited, and I can't wait 'till I get it!!

I also recieved a new Lucious Alice red rose. The one I had before had the single prong clip attached to it. This was before Heather (owner and creater of Belle Blossoms) discovered the larger clip, which she now uses on the large blossoms. (If I understood her correctly). 

She was generous enough to send me a brand spanking new rose with my Blossom of the month flower, which I really appreciate! I can't say it enough.. I adore this rose. And now with the new clip, it's beyond perfection. It truly is the
perfect red rose. My search is finally over!

Before and after - the old clip, and the new clip that Heather's started using now. Love it!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I've been wanting a Bettie bang for so long. But I know from experience that bangs... not exactly something that compliments my face. However, I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and do it anyways, eventhough it's about 80% likely that I'll look like a weirdo? True, I've just saved up enough so that I'm easily able to create whatever front roll or whatever hairstyle it may be.