Monday, 21 May 2012


I rarely wear 'super cute' makeup, but today it was so nice and sunny outside, that I felt like doing something with a summer feel to it. I took inspiration from a 50's look from Lauren Rennells' book. The look itself is very neutral, but still sort of colorful. The lips are pale pink, and the cheeks also have a pink flush to them. On the eyes there's only a slight wash of pink topped with a matte, medium toned brown. Also on the eyes, a deep brown kohl pencil along the lash line with a tiny wing at the end. Black mascara on the top and bottom lashes, and a half band of false lashes applied to the outer edge of the top lashes. I skipped the falsies here, because I feel my lashes are long enough and I didn't want them to overtake the look.

This Retro Makeup book is amazing by the way, I also have her Vintage Hairstyling Book, which I talked about here, and that's equally amazing. I definitely recommend all you retro lovers to invest in these two books! You can buy them here. Lauren also has a wonderful blog, The Bobby Pin Blog

Isadora Eye Shadow Palette in 53 Blooming Spring (Pink color used)
Lancôme Paris Lips and Eyes Pocket Palette in Magic Voyage (Brown color used)
MAC Eye Shadow in Brulé 
H&M Eyeliner in Wooden Brown
H&M Eyeliner in White 
MaxFactor Xperience Volumising Mascara
MaxFactor Xperience Weightless Foundation in Light Ivory 40
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW15
Isadora Velvet Touch Compact Powder in Sheer Transparent 10
Julie Hewett Cheekie Palette (Peachie and Jami used on the lips)
MAC lipstick in Viva Glam Gaga (used as blush, and centre lip highlighter) 

Do YOU like this look? Do you have any of the two books?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


..Although, not really. I just dyed my hair. I'm trying a new mixture of several different shades of blue, going for a deeper shade. Stargazer colors in 'Royal Blue' and 'Coral Blue.' Also mixing in Manic Panic 'Bad Boy Blue', which is the one I've used on its own before. I'm discovering that I like the consistency of the Stargazer colors much better than Manic Panic. It's much thicker and less liquidy than Manic Panic. Also, it seems to be much easier to spread around on the hair and it gives a more even result. Plus, I find that it last a whole lot longer than Manic Panic.. So sad, since Manic Panic has been a favorite of mine. Oh well, the 'Bad Boy Blue' shade has been discontinued anyways! I only have 3 more bottles of Manic Panic left, so I might as well start looking for something new.. Or something old.. Something borrowed, something BLUE. 

What's YOUR favorite hair dye? 
Do you have any experience with crazy colors such as Manic Panic or Stargazer? 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Love to Love! (Beauty Channels)

There's really been a growth in retro/vintage hairstyling channels on YouTube in the last year. When I first started it was partly because I felt my appetite for gorgeous retro hairstyles didn't get fully satisfied - so I just figured I'd have to satisfy myself, (eh-hem) and started my own channel. I found that a lot of YouTuber's posted one or two really great videos, and then that was it. Kind of like a one hit wonder, which really annoyed me, I wanted more. I wanted more people to be consistent in posting videos. My wish was to see other people's way of doing things, and in that way I would get new ideas and get inspired myself. Now, I feel like my wish has come true. I've done a favorite's video in the past, but here's another, with both new and old favorite's! (Only beauty related favorites)

The Long Haired Flapper
This young lady's channel is devoted to recreating the looks of the 1920's. The fact that she's sporting these styles with long hair is also something to acknowledge. Short hair was a staple in this era of beauty, but this creative Canadian shows you great ways to wear the styles, even if you've got long locks!  Her tutorials are set to music and so fun to watch!

This lady, also Canadian by the way, in a way does something completely different than The Long Haired Flapper. One being that her videos are mostly talky-talkies, and her styles are mostly based on the 40's and 50's. Gorgeous, polished styles, truly primped preen 'n peachy! 

Her YouTube: PrimpedPreenNPeachy
Her blog: PrimpedPreenNPeachy 

A Vintage Vanity 

Here's someone who really offers a variety of things on her channel. In addition to recreating retro hairstyles mainly from the 40's trough 50's, she also has a series called 'So Sew Vintage', where she brings out needle and thread, creating the most beautiful retro clothing.

Youtube: A Vintage Vanity
Blog: A Vintage Vanity
Facebook: A Vintage Vanity

The Cherry Dollface
Okey, chances are you've already discovered this gorgeous lady, either through modeling or YouTube. If not, well, you're welcome! Not only is she stunning, her cool and laid back personality really shows through in her videos, and she invites you into her life on many other topic besides doing pretty hair. For example, tattooing, modeling, cooking, and you even get a sneak peak at what a day in her life is like. 

Lisa Freemont Street
My all time favorite, Ashley of Lisa Freemont Street. The way her videos are composed, mixed with her sweet personality and creativity with hair, makes her tutorials a joy to watch. I've been  following her channel, forever. And even though we've never met, it's like I know her somehow. (That's weird, but true.) She seems so down to earth, honest, talented and just... so.. so.. Just, click the links below, OK? You'll get it. 

(And I totally stole this picture from her Facebook profile. I just think it really shows her --- ladylikeness.)

Hollywood Noir Makeup
Makeup, hair and beauty channel done by one of the most beautiful people I'ver ever seen. (And oh, the third Canadian lady in my favorites post!) Besides being gorgeous, she also creates gorgeous makeup and hair styles. You need this woman in your life. 

Letz Makeup
Makeup channel created by makeup artist Siobhán from Ireland. One of my all time favorites as well. I just love to hear her talk about - whatever, although she mostly talks about makeup, which she does SO good. Also, her eyes are to die for. Can someone say 'ah-mazing lid space?'

YouTube: Letz Makeup
Facebook: Letz Makeup

Glamour Daze
This is a truly unique channel which offers retro beauty and fashion clips. I haven't found anything else like this on YouTube. If you're a vintage enthusiast you really need to view this channel.

YouTube: Glamour Daze 
Facebook: Glamour Daze

More Favorites: 

Lili The Dark Moon: I've never seen anyone do beautiful hair this effortless. Great for anyone in the need to create amazing hair styles. Link: YouTube
Elegantly Amused: Wish to see much more from Link: YouTube
Positively Pin Up: Extremely sweet and charming girl. Love the hair! Link: YouTube
Strawberry Koi Vintage: Think of the word 'sweet'. I'm guessing that this is probably what you'll see. Link: YouTube
My Lulu2: She needs to do more tutorials!! Gorgeous from head to toe. Link: YouTube
Rockabillie: German girl with rocking' red hair! Link: YouTube
Vintage or Tacky: Love her personality and skills with the brush! Link: YouTube
Sokolum79: Awesome lady with awesome style. Link: YouTube
Masquerade Makeup: Edgy and fun makeup looks! Link: YouTube
PixieWoo: This sister duo really have a way with the brush. Link: Youtube
XSparkage: Of course I had to include her. She was one of the reasons I really got into the 'YouTube community'. Hands down, love everything she does! Link: YouTube  

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Girl in the Blue Wig

Do you think blue wavy hair looks good or bad? Does it depend on the person wearing it? I can't decide if this looks like a wig or not, just due to the fact that I curled it. I'm going to a wedding this weekend and I would rather not be known as; 'the girl in the blue wig.'  

What do you think this looks like?
If your hair is an unnatural color, do you ever wear it curly?