Monday, 14 December 2009

To my dearest doll

Good evening to my WONDERFUL Electric, Desideria loveliness
("Can you take a picture of me on the horse?")

Darling obsessions..

Hooray for my Noir lipstick collection! I absolutely love, love, LOVE these lipsticks. They are by Julie Hewett, and I got 6 shades of red lipsticks, (The double pigmented ones, not the sheer ones) for $100. This came as a set in a cute box, which I can´t see on the site anymore, but each individual lipstick sell for $22.50. The colours are nude, femme, belle, coco, rouge and sin noir. Some might think that $100 is way to much to spend on lipstick - But then I don´t believe you really love red lipsticks. When it comes to red lipstick drugstore brands just doesn´t do it. The Noir collection is extremely pigmented and gives long lasting colours. (I sound like a commercial, but the difference is: I´m telling the truth).
Also I am in love with this hairstyling book by Lauren Rennells featuring vintage hairstyles. If you´re interested in vintage hairstyling you should definetly get this book. She explains everything so extremely simple, and shows step by step (pictures and description) what you need to do to achive each certain style. This is 200 pages of gorgeous colourphotos. The book shows hairstyles all the way back to the 1930s to the 1960s. As well as showing how to do the different styles, the author also go into different rollers, from pincurls to hot rollers, and talks about different hairstyling tools as well as hairstyle accessories. If you get the book at Vintage hairstyling website you can get the book $4 off the cover price, which means $32.95.

Monday, 19 October 2009

You´ve just been BITCHSLAPPED!

Visit Bitchslap cosmetics. They have bright, insanely awesome makeup colours. If you like Lime Crime-brights, you´re gonna love this one! Well, most likely. If I could I would get everything in their store. 

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Wiggly wiggle red

I´ve been looking for a nice red dress for a while, and some time ago I finally found one. It´s a 50s wiggle dress. My desire for the red dress became even bigger after seeing Tarantinos; Inglorious Basterds. Mélanie Laurent, who plays Shoshanna Dreyfus, has a beautiful red dress, and a veiled hat in one of the ending scenes. I fell in love right there and then. It would be difficult to come across something exactly like hers, but at least mine has long sleeves. I wanted kind of a classy dress, so maybe with a veiled hat and som Julie Hewett-lipstick I can complete my wish to be a Shoshanna-lookalike. (Although I´m very sceptic towards my chances.)

Monday, 12 October 2009

Bettie dress & ebay love

Don´t you just hate being broke - and don´t you just LOVE spending money?! Especially when a beauty like this Betty Page-style dress appears in your mailbox. I got the dress 20% off on Ebay. Don´t get fooled by the 20%, the dresses from this specific Ebay-store are really pricy. But for me, it was very worth it! I got eroused just by opening the package. You can imagine what happend when I put it on.

Lucky for me it came just in time for the weekend. Me and my girlfriend were going to celebrate a friends birthday! I brought cupcakes, but they turned out a little - fail. It was so cold outside that they froze, and when we went inside where it was hot, they started to sweath. Mmm.. cupcakes! Luckily the rest of the evening turned out to be a great sucsess! We went dancing and got a burger at two in the morning. Perfect combination if you ask me. I also got a lot of compliments on my new dress from other girls while we were standing in line for the bathroom. I can´t say that it contributed in a negative way to the evening!

While I´m on the subject of Ebay I can mention that I got some cute veiling/netting to put on the authentic 50's headband I got some time ago. The veiling on the headband needed to be replaced, but the hat itself is extremly charming. I got one yard of black veiling for about 10 dollars including shipping. I´m really excited about finally putting the two together!

Sunday, 4 October 2009

I love surprises!

This summer I got weird questions from my boyfriend asking how big my head was. He wouldn´t say what it was about and like the annoying curious creature I am, of course I couldn´t let it go. Two days ago a good friend of ours came by to visit. When I open the door to let him in, I see an orange bag in his hand, and weirdly enough I didn´t ask what it was. Suddenly he reaches me the bag and in it was a black beret! The fabric is really solid, not like the regular cotton-hats you buy at clothing stores. My friend told me that he bought it when he was in France this summer. So sweet!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

What was I thinking

This was not a good idea to watch alone.
I can´t stop crying.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Love, Make Up Store

I went to Make Up Store with my girlfriend a while ago. I got some AMAZING lipstuff. A dark red lipstick, Vamp, and a red lipliner, Russian. Together they show up as a really deep red, which is exactly what I wanted. Plus my teeth doesn´t look yellow with this colour, so that´s awesome as well. My economy suffered a great deal beacause of this purchase, but the lipstick is worth living off of soup for! Earlier my boyfriend surprised me with a really cool sparkly eyeshadow from Make Up Store - and this when I was having kind of a bad day. The colour is named Ra - I love it!

I'v also found my new must-have (one in a billion) from The Balm. Sexy mama anti-shine powder. I love their designs and products.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Nameless blog

What I really should be doing right now is writing my exam, which by the way I´ve nearly written three pages on. There should be ten.. and I have only four more days to make this happen. I´m really not worried, because I always seem to manage somehow. This is a really boring thing to be blogging about, especially when I have so much superfun stuff to write about instead. First: I´m going to Iceland practically for free, for about four weeks in June - and it´s probably my favourite country in the whole world, besides Norway. I CAN´T WAIT. After that I am moving away to live with my manfriend. That should be interesting.. Good thing we have two bedrooms. My girlfriend lives in the same city *happyface*, although it´s kind of bittersweet. Sweet, because this year I´m gonna see her much more than what I did last year. Bitter, because she might be moving to England next year *not so happyface*.

Me and my now ex-roomate went to another friends birthdaycelebration this weekend. I made my hair look.. way over the top. At least compared to the others who were at the party. But it was FUN. The hair I mean, not the party. Kidding. I can tell by my writing that I´m sleepy. 

Thank you

I couldn´t have done it without you.