Sunday, 27 September 2009

Love, Make Up Store

I went to Make Up Store with my girlfriend a while ago. I got some AMAZING lipstuff. A dark red lipstick, Vamp, and a red lipliner, Russian. Together they show up as a really deep red, which is exactly what I wanted. Plus my teeth doesn´t look yellow with this colour, so that´s awesome as well. My economy suffered a great deal beacause of this purchase, but the lipstick is worth living off of soup for! Earlier my boyfriend surprised me with a really cool sparkly eyeshadow from Make Up Store - and this when I was having kind of a bad day. The colour is named Ra - I love it!

I'v also found my new must-have (one in a billion) from The Balm. Sexy mama anti-shine powder. I love their designs and products.



Hvorfor trenger du sexy mama, sexy mama? Nice!

Verdt å leve på rett i koppen, enig! Én er nok til en middag, sålenge jeg spiser litt brødmat til. Jeg må selvfølgelig legge til at du kledde mørke lepper eksepsjonelt.

Classic Retro Glamour said...

ej trenge fordi isadora som vi kjøpte for lenge sia begynne å bli tom, også prøvde ej sexy mama på tante brun også blei ej hekta, men måtte rekke bussen.