Sunday, 26 October 2008

Badass birthday

This weekend I could feel the happiness in my entire body, from the top of my head, to the tip of my tounge, right down to my very last uncut toenails. The reason was my boyfriends twentysecond birtyday, and of course, my bestest girlfriend had taken the time of from her busy schedule so that she and her Napoleon could come and join us. For the accasion I wanted to do something special as an extra treat, apart from the joy of eachothers company. I chose to make cupcakes decorated with different sorts of iceing. I started off feeling scared that the cupcakes would end up in a total mess, as I was making them from scratch. The fear came from my earlier experiences with different sorts of pastry. Still I leaped into the challenge, and after four hours the result in the picture was a fact. A part of me felt both proud and relieved that I´m not a complete mess in the kitchen after all. Maybe there´s still hope for my wish to be able to make the perfect cake. Anyway, having put my inner cupcake-battle aside, the rest of the party was a success. Me and my girlfriend sang "Iris" and had a wonderful time. When she arrived she brought with her some gifts. Pretty princess gloves, and fun stuff for me to read. I felt like it was my birthday for a second, and it´s so typically NICE of her to do such things. When it was time for her and Napoelon to go back to their cold city way up north, I got really sad. My boyfriend tried to tell me that I would see her again, and although it didn´t help there and then, I know that she and I will soon be dancing in "boblerus". I can´t wait!