Saturday, 23 January 2010

Film noir & an unexpected dinner

This evening I went to visit my good friend Wonderful electric. We were planning on watching a film, and we ended up with seeing 'The big sleep' (1946). The film is based on the novel written by Raymond Chandler. Philip Marlowe (Humphrey Bogart) is a private detective and who gets hired by General Sternwood (Charles Waldron). Marlowe's job is to watch over the General's youngest daughter, Carmen (Martha Vickers), as she's gotten herself in trouble. The General's oldest daughter, Vivian (Lauren Bacall) ends up getting quite close to the investigator. Several murders get commited, and Mr. Marlowe is on the case.

With Humphrey Bogart as leading man and Lauren Bacall as leading lady, you would predict this to be a sucsessfull film, but I've heard mixed things about 'The big sleep.' Some find it confusing while others like the it. I myself found the film to be a bit confusing. I felt the film added new characters all the time, without them getting properly introduced. Maybe I would have to read the novel to get what's written inbetween the lines, or maybe I just need to pay even better attention. I'm not saying I didn't like the film, it's got its moments. I actually think the film is worth seeing just because of the cast. Or, because of Lauren Bacall. She's ranking high on my list over favourite film noir actresses. Supporting actress, Martha Vickers, also gets to shine a little in the film. Showing off her careless cute self with witty comments.

"You're cute, I like you." (Martha Vickers)
Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall

While me and my friend were watching the film, her boyfriends family were preparing dinner downstairs. I was munching potatochips because I hadn't eaten all day. She went out the room for a second and when she came back in she'd apparantly gotten me an invitation to eat dinner with them. I ended up going downstairs enjoyed a jummy turkeydinner, and it wasn't to bad after all!

After dinner my friend showed me a book by the stunning Dita Von Teese. This book is fantastic! Well, I haven't exactly read anything in it yet. That's because I got completely blinded and swooned by the beautiful pictures of this hot mama! I think that's a valid excuse, don't you?

Leave her to heaven

Due to the lack of money to go out on the weekends, I've been staying in a lot lately. Yesterday was yet another night in, and I kept myself busy with this film 'Leave her to heaven' (1945). With famous names such as the ridiculously beautiful Gene Tierney and the sweet face of Jeannie Crain. Male co-starr is Cornel Wilde.

In this family drama Ellen Berent (Tierney) falls in love with Richard Harland (Wilde) and they marry shortly after. So soon that they haven't really gotten to know each other. Richard will soon learn the real face of Ellen Berent. Her absurd jealousy tauntrums takes up much of the attention and they're often directet to the people closest to her. These are especially her sister Ruth (Crain) and Richards brother Danny (Darryl Hickman). Ellen and Richard skip their honeymoon and take Richards brother with them on a vacation. The plot thickens! Ellens egosentric persona unravels as her scheme gets put into life. She want Richard for herself no matter how many people who has to suffer - her actions are purley out of love.
"How's that for an entrance?" (Giene Tierney)
Yeah, don't we all look this good when we wake up in the morning.. (Gene Tierney, Corenl Wilde)
'The gal with the hoe' (Jeannie Crain)
A wicked woman with a wicked plan
A happy ending!

Do I love this film? For sure!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The wayward girl

Last night I didn't go to bed. I've currently been awake for thirtythree hours, minus the nap I took for about two hours. I've not been feeling very tired lately. Maybe you're wondering what I'm doing while staying up all night. The answer is simple: films. (and youtube, there's no denying it - curse it!) Last night I watched, for the billionth time, 'The wayward girl' (Ung flukt) from 1959. This is one of my favourite films starring my favourite norwegian actress, Liv Ullmann.

This film is showing the life of two youngsters in love, Gerd (Liv Ullmann) and Anders (Atle Merton). They runaway from their parents, up into the mountains where they set camp in an old hut. Gerd is a seventeen year old girl, rebelling against her mother and all others. (Although it's much more against 'all others' rather than the mother, as they're more alike then what they know themselves.) Gerd is really restless and doesn't believe anyone is capable in loving her, people just want her. Anders is different, but she doesn't realise it until the end. Drama blossoms as the peace in their little nest gets disturbed by a travelling stranger, Bendik Svartva (Rolf Søder).

If you have yet to see this, I highly recommend this charmspell of a film. If I remember correctly, Liv Ullmanns family didn't want her to starr in it, because it was quite daring in its time. Including a cute nakedscene, disrespecting parents and "a lot" of sexual behaviour. In todays society you probably wouldn't even bat an eyelash, you would only see what a darling film this really is!

Favourite lines:
"Du er ei purke!" (You're a real hag!)

"Jeg vet det..!" (I know..)

The clip underneath is probably my favourite scene from the film, so I had to capture it and post it here. There's something about the way she moves, that moves me. I don't mean in a naughty way (well..), but mostly it's the lovely charm and karisma she portrays. I am absolutely in love with her! She's so adorable, amusing, naive and awkward at the same time.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


At last, after a great frustrating ordeal, I think I'm finally on my way to learn and master the, oh so dreaded, victory roll. They were characteristic for any 1940's hairstyle, and they're basically a set of two rolls, one on each side of the head. Some people might think this hairstyle looks weird, but in my opinion this is art - with hair (If done properly). I believe that when you've learned to master victory rolls, you can conquer any vintage hairstyle. If you learn to master the pincurl first, it'll probably be easier to do a victory roll, but of course I had to make things complicated for myself, as usual.

There are several different ways you can achieve a victory roll. One way, is using the method that you would for pin-curling. It's basically the same procedure when you make a victory roll, only more difficult since you've got A LOT more hair to work with than in a small 'regular' pincurl. Another way is to use a hair rat. This will hopefully make the rolls easier to create, especially if your hair's a bit on the longer side. You can make the 'rats' by collecting your own fallout of hair, (which is the authentic method) - or if you need one right a way, make it yourself using some cotton and a pair of old pantyhose! (which is what I did.) Or you can buy them cheap from wherever.

When it comes to making victory rolls, I use the pincurl-method. This is because I personally find it's easier to decide the shape and size of the roll. When I make the rolls I have my hair in a sidepart, not a senterpart. I just don't think it suits me, childhood trauma I guess.. You can place the roll itself however you like. My favourite is to place it vertically, because I haven't really gotten used to wearing it horizontal. I usually roll my hair off-base in spongerollers before doing victory rolls. I chose spongerollers because they're fast to put in, dries quickly, and provides the firmest curl. When I make the rolls I usually use the hair in front of my ear, it all depends on the size I want the roll to be. A trick I learned to help make the hair more manageable, is to tease the hair that will be inside the roll. This helps a lot in supporting the roll and making it more 'firm'. In theory everything sounds pretty simple, but when I first tried to make victory rolls it looked weird and messy. The trick of managing all the hair, holding it tight while rolling and placing with the roll still intact, can be SO frustrating. Also a challenge is making it so that the bobbypins doesn't show and making the roll look even all the way. It can also be troublesome to achieve a victory roll without it looking hollow and making sure it's covering the pins at the end (or what would be the back) of the roll.I guess the stuff I've been talking about now, (and I know I could have made this a lot longer) is the reason why I'm calling victory rolls art - with hair. I don't claim to be an expert at this at all. It's just that I take every oportunity I get to talk about these type of things, and I would love to share it with someone. I guess I'll finish off by saying that if you love vintage hairstyles, it's well worth the hassle! I think it took me several months before my trials even started to look like something that kinda reminded of a victory roll.. They're still far from perfect, but I got excited when I noticed progress. Also: remember hairspray. It tames flyaways and makes that baby smoooooth! With that said; Happy victory rolling!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Lovely, sexy christmas gift

This christmas I felt my girlfriend really overdid herself with the gift she got me. Well, she always does, but this christmas; man oh man! First of all she bought me a rockin' SM looking-bottle of alcohol. Studs and leather embracing the bottle, with a zipper in the back. There's some violent SM-drinking up ahead! The second gift I got some time later, which I think she discovered in England. I was extremly surprised and happy when I ripped the wrappings off, and I believe I screamed a little. Inside was a couple of heartshaped sparkly tassels! I love them! I guess I owe my girlfriend a sexy burlesque dance now. Alcohol and tassels - brilliant combination! I wonder if she planned it this way.

Among my other favourite gifts, was the one I got from my little sister. Sexy Mama anti-shine translucent powder from The Balm. My sister is so cute - buying me expensive stuff. I´ve mentioned this translucent powder earlier, so I guess it goes without saying that I absolutely love it! As if this wasn´t enough, she also got me a pretty hair-comb with white feathers. So adorable!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Can you handle this?

Or is it, too hot to handle?

Ginger Rogers & Fred Astaire, "Hard to handle" (1935)

Hope you enjoyed the taptastic moves of this charming duo!
Gotta love that Rogers gal! Hard to look that gorgeous when tapping and jumping around like crazy. She also proves that she can handle the senterpart with style, which also can be quite the endeavor in my opinion.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

What's a gal to do..

.. when she doesn't have the courage to jump in?

I'm currently job hunting, and I have a couple of interesting prospects in sight, but none of them compares to what I REALLY want. What I really want is to work at a 50's bar & diner downtown. I feel this would be absolutely perfect for me; They open late and close late, (-r on the weekends) which is perfect either way, because I like to sleep in as well as staying up all night. Plus, there would be rockabilly, swing and all kinds og retro style music moving its way out of the jukebox at all times. Sigh..

I know I should just take the leep and ask them if they have any openings - but it's SO much more difficult to dare doing something when I really, really want it. Probably because it would be an even bigger defeat if I got turned down. Oh well, at least then I wouldn't have to wonder "what if".. By the way, the last picture is one of my favourite pinup-pictures ever. She's super hot'n silly!

Sunday, 3 January 2010

"Sure, I'm decent.."

The New Year started off really well, when I to my thrilling surprise found that Gilda (1946) was playing january 3rd. Curled up in a comfy couch, I enjoyed watching almost two hours of the lovely Rita Hayworth as Gilda. She´s almost annoyingly beautiful and so funny. Love her! - And I might also use this time to inform that today was the day I managed to achieve victory rolls that doesn´t look like crap. And of course I have pictures to prove it, as well as I have pictures to prove my attempts and giant fails in the past.

Other updates from the holidays.. It has been.. nothing out of the ordinary. Too much food and candy, family gaterings, and again, too much eating. One of the highlights was seeing some of my good friends and having a dance-tastic time.