Saturday, 23 January 2010

Leave her to heaven

Due to the lack of money to go out on the weekends, I've been staying in a lot lately. Yesterday was yet another night in, and I kept myself busy with this film 'Leave her to heaven' (1945). With famous names such as the ridiculously beautiful Gene Tierney and the sweet face of Jeannie Crain. Male co-starr is Cornel Wilde.

In this family drama Ellen Berent (Tierney) falls in love with Richard Harland (Wilde) and they marry shortly after. So soon that they haven't really gotten to know each other. Richard will soon learn the real face of Ellen Berent. Her absurd jealousy tauntrums takes up much of the attention and they're often directet to the people closest to her. These are especially her sister Ruth (Crain) and Richards brother Danny (Darryl Hickman). Ellen and Richard skip their honeymoon and take Richards brother with them on a vacation. The plot thickens! Ellens egosentric persona unravels as her scheme gets put into life. She want Richard for herself no matter how many people who has to suffer - her actions are purley out of love.
"How's that for an entrance?" (Giene Tierney)
Yeah, don't we all look this good when we wake up in the morning.. (Gene Tierney, Corenl Wilde)
'The gal with the hoe' (Jeannie Crain)
A wicked woman with a wicked plan
A happy ending!

Do I love this film? For sure!

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