Thursday, 14 January 2010

What's a gal to do..

.. when she doesn't have the courage to jump in?

I'm currently job hunting, and I have a couple of interesting prospects in sight, but none of them compares to what I REALLY want. What I really want is to work at a 50's bar & diner downtown. I feel this would be absolutely perfect for me; They open late and close late, (-r on the weekends) which is perfect either way, because I like to sleep in as well as staying up all night. Plus, there would be rockabilly, swing and all kinds og retro style music moving its way out of the jukebox at all times. Sigh..

I know I should just take the leep and ask them if they have any openings - but it's SO much more difficult to dare doing something when I really, really want it. Probably because it would be an even bigger defeat if I got turned down. Oh well, at least then I wouldn't have to wonder "what if".. By the way, the last picture is one of my favourite pinup-pictures ever. She's super hot'n silly!


Anonymous said...

JUMP! You can do it, søta. ;)

Ronja said...

Haha :p
Takk, men ej trur ej he gitt opp.. Sjøl om ej hata mej sjøl litt for det.

Anonymous said...

Gitt opp? Hva skal du gjøre da? Flytte hjem..?

Ronja said...

Nei altså. Gitt opp å søke på akkurat den jobben. Fordi ej ikkje, tør. He søkt på tusenvis av andre.