Sunday, 3 January 2010

"Sure, I'm decent.."

The New Year started off really well, when I to my thrilling surprise found that Gilda (1946) was playing january 3rd. Curled up in a comfy couch, I enjoyed watching almost two hours of the lovely Rita Hayworth as Gilda. She´s almost annoyingly beautiful and so funny. Love her! - And I might also use this time to inform that today was the day I managed to achieve victory rolls that doesn´t look like crap. And of course I have pictures to prove it, as well as I have pictures to prove my attempts and giant fails in the past.

Other updates from the holidays.. It has been.. nothing out of the ordinary. Too much food and candy, family gaterings, and again, too much eating. One of the highlights was seeing some of my good friends and having a dance-tastic time.

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Anonymous said...

"Sure, I'm decent..." Classic!