Wednesday, 20 January 2010

The wayward girl

Last night I didn't go to bed. I've currently been awake for thirtythree hours, minus the nap I took for about two hours. I've not been feeling very tired lately. Maybe you're wondering what I'm doing while staying up all night. The answer is simple: films. (and youtube, there's no denying it - curse it!) Last night I watched, for the billionth time, 'The wayward girl' (Ung flukt) from 1959. This is one of my favourite films starring my favourite norwegian actress, Liv Ullmann.

This film is showing the life of two youngsters in love, Gerd (Liv Ullmann) and Anders (Atle Merton). They runaway from their parents, up into the mountains where they set camp in an old hut. Gerd is a seventeen year old girl, rebelling against her mother and all others. (Although it's much more against 'all others' rather than the mother, as they're more alike then what they know themselves.) Gerd is really restless and doesn't believe anyone is capable in loving her, people just want her. Anders is different, but she doesn't realise it until the end. Drama blossoms as the peace in their little nest gets disturbed by a travelling stranger, Bendik Svartva (Rolf Søder).

If you have yet to see this, I highly recommend this charmspell of a film. If I remember correctly, Liv Ullmanns family didn't want her to starr in it, because it was quite daring in its time. Including a cute nakedscene, disrespecting parents and "a lot" of sexual behaviour. In todays society you probably wouldn't even bat an eyelash, you would only see what a darling film this really is!

Favourite lines:
"Du er ei purke!" (You're a real hag!)

"Jeg vet det..!" (I know..)

The clip underneath is probably my favourite scene from the film, so I had to capture it and post it here. There's something about the way she moves, that moves me. I don't mean in a naughty way (well..), but mostly it's the lovely charm and karisma she portrays. I am absolutely in love with her! She's so adorable, amusing, naive and awkward at the same time.

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