Sunday, 3 June 2012


Today's my birthday! Yaaay..! I guess. I'm not really celebrating it today, I'm mostly just feeling the aftermath of the celebration. Friday, a friend made me dinner and cake. After we went out and saw my boyfriend and his band play at a local venue. They were competing against at least fifteen other bands - the winner got to be the warm-up band for a Twisted Sister-concert the day after, on Saturday. And "shockingly" enough, they won! They're a punk/hardcore type of band, so their music is not anything like Twisted Sister, and I don't think they care much for the band either. It was more like an opportunity to have fun and promote their own music! I spent Saturday night at the party hotel with my boyfriend, the rest of the band and their girlfriends. It was really fun, and I'm so happy they won! 

Sunday has been lazy, but I've gotten some happy birthday-calls and even some gifts as well! Besides presents, I love that you get extra attention on your birthday! I'm a complete attention-whore, for sure. Now, I'm going to eat some cake! Jum jum! 

These pictures are not from the concert, but still pictures of the band! 

By the way, can you guess how old, err, young I am?