Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Cutting carbs

I recently started eating low carb meals. I'm actually impressed with my own effort so far. I usually can't stick to anything (not just food related), but so far so good! I haven't eaten anything above my 'carb-limit', and I'm trying to stick to no more than 50 carbs pr. day. The reason I started this is because I really have been wanting to make a change in my eating habits for a while, but I don't believe in extreme diets. Plus, my goal is not to loose an extreme amout of weight. I could never do it, but most importantly, I don't need to! Also I hate the word 'diet!.' One of the reasons I got into the low carb eating, is because I have a friend who's been eating low carb meals for over a year. She's lost over 30 pounds just by eating low carb, and that's without working out. She was somewhat over weight when she started, that's why she lost so much. But even so, you do get rid of a lot of water in your body, which is basically my goal. I have no expectations or wants to 'peel pounds' of my body. I just wish to feel more balanced and better about my own eating. Plus, with low carb you can load up on fat! Today's dinner was chicken wrapped in bacon and home made cheese crisps with salad leaves on the side. Juuum!!! 

I'll be keeping you updated on my.. progress I guess. 
Do YOU have any experience with this eating routine?