Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Watch it, Lady

Today I received a rather expensive guilty pleasure in the mail - shoes. But not just any, shoes. These are Jeffrey Campell studded lita shoes. Now, I don't really care about the Jeffrey Campell shoe hype in general, so it's merely a coincidence that I discovered this pair. It reminds of a toned down version of something Lady Gaga would wear. I bought these shoes from this site; Revolve Clothing. Mine are a size eight, and are a perfect fit. They're super tall, but surprisingly easy to walk in. They didn't have the shoes in, since they apparently are really popular, so it took about a month before I received mine. WORTH THE WAIT. I can't wait to walk, stand, sit or 'drop it like it's hot' in these. Although, I don't wanna fall, so maybe not that much 'dropping', cause that's not hot. 

 The box, cute in pink.

Warning card, after you open the box - also cute.

Hello lover

What do YOU think about Jeffrey Campell shoes?

Monday, 13 February 2012

Hair Styling Q&A

Here's a little list of the most frequently asked questions I get on my channel. So for those of you who can handle this long rant - Ready, set, GO!


1. Where did you learn about hairstyling?
I find inspiration from pictures of old starlets, newer retro inspired looks, and of course watching videos on YouTube. When I see a picture of a style I like, I just try to recreate it on myself and find out what works and what doesn’t. I’m not a stylist, it’s all trial and error.

2. My hair have layers, will it make it more difficult for me to do vintage hairstyles?
Now, I get asked this A LOT. Somehow many are under the impression that retro styles were achieved with same length hair. But no, with all length hair the curls will lay gathered at the bottom of the hair. With layers however, you will get that beautiful waterfall look of waves/curls. I often mention ”The middy haircut” as an example of that. (Picture below) I’ll not og into further detail about the cut here, but if you want to know more LisaFreemontStreet has several videos where she’s addressing ”The middy haircut.”

3. a) I have really long hair, will your styles work with my hair?
a) If your hair on the longer side, it’s natural that the results won’t be the same on your hair as it would on shoulder length hair or even shorter. You can still do the settings, but don’t expect the same effect. In the 1940’s for instance, long hair just wasn’t that common. Women normally kept their hair on the shorter side, and that’s what the different hairstyles are designed for.
b) Can you do a style for really long hair?
When ever someone asks me if I can do a style for long hair, I always send them a link to ’ilovegerardo’s channel on YouTube. For those of you who don't know about her yet, she’s got gorgeous, thick, long hair, and she does plenty of pin up styles.

4. My hair is super curly, can I still achieve a vintage hairstyle? I always refer to the following video to show what you can achieve, even though you have curls. (Note: not every starlet had natural straight hair.) This is based on the book Vintage Hairstyling by Lauren Rennells. Watch it here.


5. What is the natural state of your hair and natural hair color? My natural hair is straight, and the natural hair color i dark blonde.

6. How did you color your hair blonde, and how should I do it?
The bleaching process depends on your natural color. If you’re uncertain about how to bleach, ask a stylist for help. I bleached my hair myself. I bleached all of my hair twice in six months, before I decided to try and get it white. I then started using Manic Panic Virgin Snow toner. The toner got rid of the yellow tones, and really does work! Also, it doesn’t damage the hair, since it’s a toner (means it’ll wash out) and feels more like a conditioner. I touched up the roots with bleach every three months. (Read about the first time I tried it, here. (Note: The toner only works on hair that’s bleached, and generally needs touching up every 2 to 3 weeks. Check out the Manic Panic toner, here.)

7. How did you find the guts to color your hair? (blonde, blue etc.) I’ve had a lot of different colors.. Blonde, black, orange (not on purpose), white, red, orange again (still not on purpose), pink, lilac, purple, blue… and I don’t find it all that difficult to take the risk and trying something new. If it looks like shit, then jokes on me I guess! But I all boils down to wanting change, which I do, and enjoy, while some might be more cautious. Just the way it is.


8. What kind of styling products do you use for pin curls/hot rollers etc.?
For pin curls: I start of with dry hair. Before rolling a pin curl I spray the section with water, to get it damp. After brushing them out, I spray with hair spray, nothing fancy. If your hair has difficulties with holding the curls, you can spray with a setting lotion. The same goes for sponge rollers, pillow rollers.. any kind of wet setting. For hot rollers, I spray with heat protectant spray before rolling my hair.

9. What kind of clips do you use for pin curls and where can I get them?
I use double prong clips. They look exactly like in the picture. I bought 50 of them really cheap on Ebay. Just search for : ”Double prong clips” and go crazy!

10. Where do you get your flower clips? This is one of the things I always mention in the info box: I use clips from Belle Blossoms.com. The best I’ve every tried, and the most gorgeous!! ’Heather’ is the owner and designer of this company. I've already written several posts about some of her flowers here on my blog, with the label; Belle Blossoms.

11. What kind of lip color (reds) do you use?
I always get aked this – and I always use one of Julie Hewett’s shades from the Noir collection; Nude Noir, Belle Noir, Rouge Noir, Femme Noir, Coco Noir or Sin Noir. High quality, awesome red lipsticks. One of my best make up buys – ever. Take a look, here!

12. Do you always dress in the vintage inspired/rockabilly style? How do you handle weird looks? I used to dress more in vintage inspired clothing a year ago. Now I’ve gone more back to the way I used to dress before vintage, and also trying new things, ’cause I enjoy that. And I still enjoy beautiful vintage dresses every now and then. But when my hair was ice blonde, retro was basically my every day style. And as for people staring, (I’ll quote Cartman from the Out of control teens episode: ”Whatevah! I do what I waunt!”) Um, yeah… Basically the same essence as the question above; if YOU want it, then who the hell cares if people look. They’re probably looking cause you look too damn awesome.

Also, whenever you ask me questions, you’re most likely to find the answer in the info box under the video. Eventhough I am aware that most of you don’t bother reading them – I write a lot of stuff there, and it’s quicker than waiting for me to answer. ;) Hope this helped some of you, and if I've left something out, please let me know!