Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Frankly, I don't give a dress

Check out this sweet little number! I bought as a gift for myself after eyeing it for a while on the well known ModCloth.com; Mod, retro, indie & vintage clothing. And it's a gift, because in my book, this is so expensive that I'll probably not be able to afford anything else aside from food until my next paycheck rolls in. This dress is obviously cut in a 1950's inspired silluett, red, and smokin' hot! It kind of reminds me of the legendary white Marilyn dress, and definitely pin up inspired. I got this dress in medium, but I was worried about it being to small over the chest and too short. I knew the large was going to be to big around my waist and the small would probably be to tight over my chest and the length too short, but fitting aroung my waist.. - Um, yeah. Difficult!! Anyway, I think it worked out! It's definitely not to tight around the waist, probably a little loose, but it''s fine. The length turned out to be great, even though I was worried that it would be too short. I'm 5'9 and the length goes just under my knees. The fabric is really nice and thick. The skirt is lovely, flowy, and the color of the dress is more blue red than orange, which is great for my particular skin. This is my new favorite dress!