Monday, 18 January 2010

Lovely, sexy christmas gift

This christmas I felt my girlfriend really overdid herself with the gift she got me. Well, she always does, but this christmas; man oh man! First of all she bought me a rockin' SM looking-bottle of alcohol. Studs and leather embracing the bottle, with a zipper in the back. There's some violent SM-drinking up ahead! The second gift I got some time later, which I think she discovered in England. I was extremly surprised and happy when I ripped the wrappings off, and I believe I screamed a little. Inside was a couple of heartshaped sparkly tassels! I love them! I guess I owe my girlfriend a sexy burlesque dance now. Alcohol and tassels - brilliant combination! I wonder if she planned it this way.

Among my other favourite gifts, was the one I got from my little sister. Sexy Mama anti-shine translucent powder from The Balm. My sister is so cute - buying me expensive stuff. I´ve mentioned this translucent powder earlier, so I guess it goes without saying that I absolutely love it! As if this wasn´t enough, she also got me a pretty hair-comb with white feathers. So adorable!


Anonymous said...

Neat! Hvordan får du til titlene dine så fancy?

Ronja said..., SLÅRÆILAUS!
husk å gjør overskrifta som vise over kvart innlegg (=post title colour) kvit, sånn du ikkje får overskrift X2 ;) Ej bere la inn den "fancy" overskrifta som et bilde.. siden det e ganske limitert med fonta her..

The Retro Natural said...

Oh I just love your blog, seeing these made me think of the pink sequin tassles that my gf got me for Valentine's Day hahahhah..I, of course, had to put them on for her.. so cheeky! :)