Monday, 12 October 2009

Bettie dress & ebay love

Don´t you just hate being broke - and don´t you just LOVE spending money?! Especially when a beauty like this Betty Page-style dress appears in your mailbox. I got the dress 20% off on Ebay. Don´t get fooled by the 20%, the dresses from this specific Ebay-store are really pricy. But for me, it was very worth it! I got eroused just by opening the package. You can imagine what happend when I put it on.

Lucky for me it came just in time for the weekend. Me and my girlfriend were going to celebrate a friends birthday! I brought cupcakes, but they turned out a little - fail. It was so cold outside that they froze, and when we went inside where it was hot, they started to sweath. Mmm.. cupcakes! Luckily the rest of the evening turned out to be a great sucsess! We went dancing and got a burger at two in the morning. Perfect combination if you ask me. I also got a lot of compliments on my new dress from other girls while we were standing in line for the bathroom. I can´t say that it contributed in a negative way to the evening!

While I´m on the subject of Ebay I can mention that I got some cute veiling/netting to put on the authentic 50's headband I got some time ago. The veiling on the headband needed to be replaced, but the hat itself is extremly charming. I got one yard of black veiling for about 10 dollars including shipping. I´m really excited about finally putting the two together!

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