Monday, 14 December 2009

Darling obsessions..

Hooray for my Noir lipstick collection! I absolutely love, love, LOVE these lipsticks. They are by Julie Hewett, and I got 6 shades of red lipsticks, (The double pigmented ones, not the sheer ones) for $100. This came as a set in a cute box, which I can´t see on the site anymore, but each individual lipstick sell for $22.50. The colours are nude, femme, belle, coco, rouge and sin noir. Some might think that $100 is way to much to spend on lipstick - But then I don´t believe you really love red lipsticks. When it comes to red lipstick drugstore brands just doesn´t do it. The Noir collection is extremely pigmented and gives long lasting colours. (I sound like a commercial, but the difference is: I´m telling the truth).
Also I am in love with this hairstyling book by Lauren Rennells featuring vintage hairstyles. If you´re interested in vintage hairstyling you should definetly get this book. She explains everything so extremely simple, and shows step by step (pictures and description) what you need to do to achive each certain style. This is 200 pages of gorgeous colourphotos. The book shows hairstyles all the way back to the 1930s to the 1960s. As well as showing how to do the different styles, the author also go into different rollers, from pincurls to hot rollers, and talks about different hairstyling tools as well as hairstyle accessories. If you get the book at Vintage hairstyling website you can get the book $4 off the cover price, which means $32.95.

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