Tuesday, 15 May 2012


..Although, not really. I just dyed my hair. I'm trying a new mixture of several different shades of blue, going for a deeper shade. Stargazer colors in 'Royal Blue' and 'Coral Blue.' Also mixing in Manic Panic 'Bad Boy Blue', which is the one I've used on its own before. I'm discovering that I like the consistency of the Stargazer colors much better than Manic Panic. It's much thicker and less liquidy than Manic Panic. Also, it seems to be much easier to spread around on the hair and it gives a more even result. Plus, I find that it last a whole lot longer than Manic Panic.. So sad, since Manic Panic has been a favorite of mine. Oh well, the 'Bad Boy Blue' shade has been discontinued anyways! I only have 3 more bottles of Manic Panic left, so I might as well start looking for something new.. Or something old.. Something borrowed, something BLUE. 

What's YOUR favorite hair dye? 
Do you have any experience with crazy colors such as Manic Panic or Stargazer? 


Jordan said...

Special Effects is my favvvvvorite semi-permanent color. It lasts forever and stays super vibrant. The only catch, is that ebay is really the only place I've found it :/

The Dandelion Girl said...

I concur with Ghouls Night Out, Special Effects all the way!

Classic Retro Glamour said...

Cool! I've never tried Special Effects.. Would most likely have to buy it online, which is no problem really.. They've got some colors I'd like to try, so I might just do that! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I use Directions fron La richie in color midnight blue.I'm pretty pleased with it,it doesn't fade quickly.

Trina said...

I LOVE Pravana hair color. I dye my hair purple. It's a thicker consistency and it doesn't transfer as much on skin and clothes as others do. My color lasts about a month before I feel I have to touch up. It's only sold at professional beauty supply stores. I get mine at Salon Centric, but not sure if you have one by you.

-YĆ©sica- said...

I Love Directions!!
Look at the color blue!