Thursday, 22 July 2010

Introducing Cotton Candy hair

So my first (techniqually second) experiement with Manic Panic hair toners. I used the 'Cotton Candy Pink' on a couple of sections underneath the top part of my hair. I started out by pinning all the hair from my ears and up, out of the way. I took medium sized sections, placed a piece off foil underneath it and pinned the hair and foil together with double prong clips while attaching it to the root of the hair. This held each section seperated from the hair that I didn't want to get any pink toner on, and the foil made it really easy to just 'paint' the toner on. After coloring I wrapped up each section and waited about an hour before I rinsed the bottom part of my hair over the sink in cold water to lock in the color.

The blue clip is holding the hair that was underneath and in between the pink that I didn't want to get toner on. This was after I rinsed the hair and after I blowdryed it. Even though it looks bright pink in the jar, the name is definitely more true to the actual color. It's cotton candy! Oh, and here you can see how badly I need to bleach my roots. That's hot! I enjoyed trying out the pink toner, it doesn't show as well when I have my hair down, which is fine. I just wanted a little something extra, nothing too crazy, and I like it!

This week I also figured out how I wanted to create my glamorous side swept updo thingy. I'm kind of happy with it, but of course it can be perfected. The flower is this months blossom from Belle Blossom.


Lisa Kristin said...

Har aldri sett noen kjøre rosa hår så bra som dette! You go, girl! Gorgeous as ever!

PS: elsker øyenskyggen din!

Mama Grubbs said...

love it! i did this do the other day and also put my blossom of the month in too! yay! i tried the MP toner and i worked but only stayed in for a couple days lol i need a permanent one.

jewlover2 said...

This is so fabulous...I want to see it w/ pincurls!

Frl. Irene Palfy said...

What a lovely idea! It looks so cute!! Just adorable!!!!

Classic Retro Glamour said...

Mama Grubbs: Yes, the MP toner fades really quickly. Especially if you wash your hair every day/every other day.. Which I don't, but still faded :P

Marian said...

Do you bleach your hair yourself? If so, what do you use? It's sooo nice!

Colleen said...

that turned out really well, what a great idea! i just discovered your blog and i really like it! viva la vintage!

Frances said...

Hi there!
Just discovered your blog - think it is fantastic! I'm particularly interested in vintage hairstyling myself - 20's right through 70's and absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! Also think you executed extremely well - modern twist on a vintage idea which is what it needs to stay exciting and evolutionary. More posts like this :) Beautiful styling :)

Manchester, UK

A Certain Vintage said...

ooh i love the pink!, i love a little shot of bright colour in peoples hair, it really looks so fab in this hairdo xox

lovingmatt said...

w did u get tat nic blond colour wt bleac did u use

Jaymie said...

wow I love it! I love adding a bit of cotton candy colour to my ombre ends!
Jaymie xxx

I find myself singing on the streets said...

Ohh, you're gorgeous!
The pink is beautyfull and the hairstyle too. LOOOOVE IT!
I've a bob with bang.
Have you got tips for retro hairstyles for that?
I hope!


I find myself singing on the streets said...
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manths said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this colour!! I would love to do this to my hair but I don't have platinum hair so i dont think the pink would show up!
Ive just found your blog and love it already!!
Sam xx

Lindsey Bows And Arrow said...

totally love this hairstyle!

so classic and cute!

and i love the color