Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Oh, glorious hairstyling

Well, here's just a tiny summary of some of the hairstyles I've attempted to achieve. Maybe they'll inspire someone else! Some of the styles I got from vintage starlets, others I put together myself. I can think of a thousand things I could've done better when I look at the pictures afterwards. What can I say, you live and learn!

This first style (three pictures) is one I experimented with on my own. I love the reversed victory roll, and I also like the idea of a Gibson girl roll (a toned down version). So I decided to do a variation of the two together. I'm trying a more horizontal victory roll here, with the "face" of the roll turning forward rather than up.. if that makes any sense. I find that this type of roll can be kind of scary, since you can end up looking a little weird if it's not done neatly. Maybe that's why I tend to prefer a more vertical placed victory roll. When it comes to the gibson roll, I like the concept. To create it I used a hair rat (or in my case a "cotton" rat, since I haven't made one out of my own hair. Anyway, these three pictures show the result. I started of with the victory rolls, then pulled the rest of the hair back around the hair rat. Voilà!

Victory rolls & gibson roll variation

The next two pictures are showing a hairstyle inspired by the lovely Ginger Rogers. I based this style off of a photo of her, so it's not by any means her signature style. I added the flowers, she didn't have any, but I almost think of them as mandatory. For this I used spongerollers, rolling off-base. You would probably wanna go with pincurls for this one, but lazy me!

For the pictures underneath the Rogers inspired hairdo, I experimented with a Cignon variation. This is probably the easiest of all the hairstyles I mention here. It doesn't require tightly precurled hair, which means there's no "stressful" brushing out-ritual. In the picture the style is done very loosely, but I personally would prefer it to be a little tighter. You would start of making 3-4 ponytails at the back of your hair. Then roll a series of relatively random rolls out of the several ponytails you've created.

Ginger Rogers inspired hairstyle

Cignon variation

Curly Pinup inspired hairstyle (Driben)

 The hairstyle in the two pictures above, are inspired by pinup-art by P. Driben. I absolutely love his work! The thing with this style is that it's difficult when you don't have layers in your hair - which I don't. The trick is also getting enough volume in the curls and keeping the crownarea flat. But it looks supercute! - both on shorter and longer hair.

e style next to last, is the vertically placed victory rolls which I've talked about earlier. No need to say this is one of my favourite vintage hairstyles. The last style is an attempt at the 50's bob. Or maybe I should call it the faux bob, cause I believe it's way to loose which makes it too long. I used ribbons which I tied under the hair for the 50's feel. Although I think I like the 40's tie on the top of the head just a tiny bit better.

Vertically placed victory rolls and a (faux) 50's bob


Lisa Kristin said...

Gosh, jeg vil også lære. Finner du info om det på nett, eller har du ei bok, eller er du bare så lur og kreativ at u vet sånt?

Jeg print-screen kopierte noen sider fra ei bok jeg fant via en av bloggene du har linket ... så jeg prøvde litt da (:

Du er i alle fall smellheit.

Ronja said...

Ooh! Ej vil sjå korsen det gikk! :) Va det en spesiell stil du prøvde på?

Hmm. Kor ej finne info va et godt spørsmål. Ej trur det e litt av alt det du sa. Sjøl om ej ikkje føle mej særlig lur og kreativ! Ej eige foreløpig kun éi vintage hairstyling-bok, ellers så e det vel nettet, filma, alle plassa der ej kan lese om sånt. Mmmhm! :)

Desideria said...

Ej har ikkje oversikt over kor mange minutt som har gått med på å studere bilda dine! Fabulous!

Ronja said...

Hihi. Du e søt, Trine. :)
Gleda mej til fingerwaves ;)