Monday, 8 February 2010

Diana Dors, darling!

Today is Diana Dors day. According to, me. If you don't know who Diana Dors was, well, guess what, you missed out! Aside from being sssteaming hhhot, she was a talented and charming actress who's career stretched from 1940 to the 1970's. Although I think her acting skills got put in the shadow since her extremely good looks took up most of the attention. I think the fact that she was English makes her even better, in many ways. She was often compared to Marilyn Monroe.. I resent that! Is it her fault that she's blond and bootylicious? Not that one should be offended when compared to Miss Monroe. Diana Dors was her own person and looked gorgeous being exactly that!

So in honour, if you will, of this lovely lady, I decided to do a hairstyle inspired by her classic Dors-look, which she wore almost in every occasion. I achieved this by using spongerollers for the back of the hair. I also did pin curls in the form of stand-up pin curls, and something that reminds of a skip wave for the sides. And yes, the two pictures are strategically placed together - edited mainly to fool you into thinking that my hair looks more like her's than what it really does (maybe). Ah yes, I'm cunning!

Okey. Blowing you a kiss! Catch it if you can!


Desideria said...

Den sveisen kledde du veldig godt! Du ser absolutt fabelaktig ut! Enkel, men likevel forførende!

Forresten, for å få kommentere må jeg skrive inn khessess. Khessess for you :*

Karina said...

Hihihi. Khessess right back at ya, babe!

Michael Wright said...

Great hairstyle, you need to wear a trademark "Diana Dors Dress" the mermaid style gown with long gloves. If you are unaware, google Diana Dors Mermaid dress (or gown).