Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Testing, testing; Layrite Pomade

So for those of you who haven't heard of the Hawleywood Layrite, (or heard of, but never used) I thought I would give you my thoughts on this product, my first impression. I've never used such 'fancy pomade' before. I've stuck with various cheap stuff! The kind that you get at your everyday drugstore. I'm not slammin' drugstore products at all, I love certain things, but some of the pomade, or waxy stuff you can get there has always kept me wondering: I's this really how it's supposed to feel like?' I was never truly impressed I guess is what I'm trying to say. (If anyone knows of a good, cheap pomade, please let me know!)

One of the cheaper brands I've tried is Dax-Wax, which is around $6. Despite of hearing a lot of horrible things about this, I decided to try it out myself to see if it really is just a piece of crap. My issue with this product is the fact that it's too thick and super greasy (for my taste) which made it difficult to work with. It also has quite an unpleasant smell in addition to being a bitch to wash out of the hair. I think you need a special shampoo or something to get rid of everything, and really, who wants that! I ended up throwing it out, not a big deal due to the price and also knowing that my Layrite was on the way! I'm not going to tell you not get Dax-Wax, there's many out there who like and use this product - but I'm under the impression that most of them - don't. Either way, if you wanna experiment and you dislike it, you're only out six bucks! Or, you can take my word for it and save your money for a rainy day..

Another pomade that I haven't tried myself, but after what I've heard I feel it's kind of similar to the Dax-Wax. It's the legendary Murray's pomade which have been around since the mid 1920's (Correct me if I'm wrong.) I'm under the impression that this is the kind of stuff you don't wanna put in your hair unless you want it stay there *giggle*. It's unexpensive as well, $3 online for a 3 oz can. However, if you're a rockabilly 'greaser' dude doing pompadours and slick backs, you most likely want a lot of hold and probably wouldn't mind looking a little greasy! I guess there's a reason Murray's have lasted all this time..?

Now let's move on to the good stuff. Hawleywood's Layrite original pomade is $14.99 (4 oz can). You can also supersize it (like you can with everything in the US, *cheap (true) shot*), and get the 32 oz can. But for normal use, if your not a hairstylist or anything like that, I say the 4 oz will last you plenty.

The first thing I noticed when I opened it was, naturally, the color. It's kind of an orange color. The second was the smell. It doesn't smell bad at all, but I can't really put my finger on it. In a way it's a familiar smell.. both me and my boyfriend stood with our noses in it, sniffing and trying to figure it out. I'm really bad at defining smells, and I usually end up with a weird conclusion no one else gets.. Anyway, like I said, it's not a bad smell, and the scent sort of gets weaker when you get it in your hair. I concluded with the scent of summer and retro hairsalon. (...) The jar says that the fragrance is "parfum". Yah, thanks!

You use it on dry hair, just rub it in your hands until it softens before you apply it in your hair. 

The texture has kind of a rubbery feel to it, mixed with play dough. At least that's my first reaction. It softens up really nicely once it gets warmed up by your body temperature. The pomade is water soluble, so it's supposed to wash out just fine when you wash your hair. I actually believe I could sense a little bit of the smell (just a teeny tiny bit) left in my hair after I'd washed it. The pomade "grease" itself was all gone, but it was the scent that stuck. This can all just be a combination of my strange nose, overanalyzing and - a not so thorough hairwash (which is kind of gross and weird..) Moving on: Depending on how you're using the pomade - if you just want it on a little section of hair and not all over; seriously, you only need a tiny amount on your hands. It's better to add more if you need it since the pomade is kind of heavy. Adding too much will leave you with nothing less than a hot mess! The thing about pomade which for example you won't find with any hairspray or hairgel (at least none that I've heard of), is that you're actually able to comb through your hair after applying it. It doesn't dry to a hard consistency, and it makes the hair work with you not against you. The pomade also adds shine to the hairstyle, making it smooth and controls fly-aways. "For pomps, DA's, flat tops, spiking, parting, or whatever your hairstyle will be, it will LAYRITE." Quoting the jar. Got to love play on words. Am I 'riiiite?'

About the pictures of the hair: I made a faux bang type of thing, using the pomade on straight hair, not curling my hair first to see if it actually helped me with shaping and controling the hair - and it did! Really good I might add. I hardly used anything for this, just touching the surface of the pomade with my fingers. Overall impression with this is that I actually really like it, and I'm well on my way to being a Layrite-junkie. You know, wanting to do my hair all the time just so I get to use it.. The only thing is the price, which I guess is okey if you factor in that it'll last me a really long time and the quality is good. (Also the design is completely hot!) By the way, if any of you have a reasonable answer to what the smell of this pomade - please tell me!! It's driving me, insane.

Next on my list of pomade's I want to try out are: Schmiere Pomade and Suavecito Pomade. The color 'dots' next to the Schmiere Pomades shows what color the pomade's are. Oh yes, pinky/coral and bright blue! That's awesome. I read about the Schmiere Pomades on the thebobbypinblog and was mesmerized. Need to get my hands on them ASAP!


Anonymous said...

I have really curly thick hair, do you think It would show any difference with mine?

mama grubbs said...

this is the pomade i bought the other day online.

i havent gotten it yet. so we shall see if its any good

Desideria said...

You look super sweet with your faux bangs!

Do you think pomade would have any effect on my hair?

Ps. Happy birthday! Hjarte!

jewlover2 said...

The smell is 'tropical vanilla' officially. I always get a hint of pineaple and I just love the smell...but we're very used to it around here.

I would love to try Shcmiere as well...It's pink! ;-)

Classic Retro Glamour said...

Gingeyginge: I think the Layrite can be quite heavy, so yes! or maybe, check out the pomade mama grubbs linked to from thebobbypinblog, which Lauren Rennells says is supposed to work on thicker hair. :)

Ashley: Thanks for tellin' the smell! :) I would love to try the blue pomade.. To see if it actually makes my hair appear even more blonde.. ^^

damnation said...


I know this is a girls site, but I just wanted to add some points from a guys view ;)

Dax-Wax red:
Yes, it is really hard, but in the summer you need stuff like that. Otherwise your quiff doesn't hold as good.
And yes, it does take a few days to get it all out from the hair. But I and every other greaser normally makes his hair every day anyway. So there is no point getting all of it out anyway. And yes, we like the greasy feeling and shine. ;) Comes with the style!

Same goes for Murray's (one of my standard pomades).

And just to let you know: Me and a lot of greasers are pomade geeks. We love to try different pomades and also mix them for the perfect hold, shine, smell and look!
Dax-Wax(red) and Murrays superior seems very similar to you, but I feel there is a huge difference between them. Murray's is way more "stickier" and gives a different hold to the hair than the red Dax.

ad Layrite superior:
I had it once to try it and payed the price for it. The smell is absolutely great and I love it.
Yet I live in a place where you can easily have rain and hence I don't use waterbased products. It just "melts" the quiff and you got the stuff running over your face.

Another thing: My Layrite became "bad" after about 1year. The smell went odd and the stuff became very sticky. Completely different. Not sure if anybody else seen that.

Thanks for your article. Interesting to see how girls can use pomade.

Angela Weathers said...

I ran across your blog when I was trying to buy Layrite online. My brother, a barber at a 40's style shop called Reds Classic in Nashville, Tennessee turned me on to the stuff. He's a master barber who specializes in the pomp/hot shave/rockabilly thing. Anyhow, I'm a overly average 9-5 gal with an average short haircut but my hair is very fine and can't hold a lot of product without going flat. I tried the Layrite and found it was the best pomade I've tried! Like others on your blog, I enjoyed the light scent of vanilla and yes, it's very easy to wash out. I haven't tried the 'ultra' version because my brother said it's way too much hold for a soft looking female cut. Anyhow, of all the "salon" brands I've tried this is the most reasonably priced and best result so far.
Now, one person said the product went bad after some time... this happened to me also BUT after talking to my brother about it I was told that it's a water based gel-wax and MUST be TIGHTLY sealed after every use or else the water in the product will dry up and you'll be left with waxy gunk...the gunk will suffice since it warms / melts in your hands but it's not quite the same. So treat this stuff with care. So, Layrite is good for complicated 'retro' styles for men & women alike but also for us plain-janes who just need a decent smelling, light, moderate hold without using multiple products! yay.