Sunday, 4 April 2010

The Misfits

Easter is almost over, and I'm feeling sick! Partly sugar overload, partly runny nose and scratchy troath. Today I spent mostly in bed with films and my sisters new cat. Sounds great, right? I watched The Misfits (1961), starring Clark Gable (Gay Langland), Marilyn Monroe (Roslyn Taber) and Montgomery Clift (Perce Howland). Roslyn and Gay (..which by the way has a son called Gaylord) eventually fall in love. They meet in a bar after Taber's divorce and Gay and his friend Guido (played by Eli Tellech) take her and Isabella Steers (played by Thelma Ritter) out to a cabin in the country. Later they meet Clark Gable who's trying to make a living doing rodeos. They all team up and decide to catch horses out in the mountains of Nevada. Things start to unravel as Taber's sensitive soul starts to feel the pressure of having three grown, stubborn alcoholic men to babysit. Monroe's acting is naive and charming. Some might not like her performance, but I find it refreshing and so adorable! She might seem childish in a way, but oh so cute and truly a good hearted human being! What better way to bid this years easter farewell, than two hours with miss Monroe on the screen.

"You can hear your skin against your clothes." (Roslyn Taber)

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