Sunday 27 June 2010

Julie Hewett & flowers

I recently treated myself to a couple more products from the lovely Julie Hewett cosmetics line. This is my second time getting something from her site, the first time being when I purchased the Noir lipstick collection, set of six lipsticks. (Which I dare say is one of my absolute best makeup purchases ever.)

This month was the first package from Belle Blossoms blossom of the month Club. I'm a satisfied member of the Large Blossoms, and this months flower was big, gorgeous and yellow, wrapped in leopard tissue paper. Also, with it came a riddle, or a hint I guess, for what next months flower is going to be. I just have to say that the clip on this flower is amazing. AH-MAZING. It's a long kind of alligator clip, with a tight grip. The end of the clip is covered with a leaf from the flower, so the clip doesn't show when you're wearing it. I love that she (Heather, owner and creater of Belle Blossoms) adds this little touch to the flowers, which is quite unique. To be honest I was a little concerned about what clip to expect. I've ordered three items from her before, and I'm stunned by how gorgeous her creations are. However, the clip on the large red rose I got contains only of a single prong clip. Eventhough the flower is big, and due to the size, not at all heavy, it's too much for the single prong clip to bear. This means that I have to wear it supported by an updo. It needs something to rest on to stay in, I guess you could say. That's the only thing I can say that kind of made me a little bit sad, because the rose itself is so perfect and I've been looking for a perfect red rose. (Side note: However, I recently learned that Heather has switched the single prong clip, and that she's now attaching the larger clip on all the 'Large and luscious roses' Yay!) But, like all I've seen from Belle Blossoms, the creation lays flat against the head. Which I can not stress enough, it makes such a difference compared to those floppy flowers you see everywhere else. The ability to lay flat against the head of course also goes for the gorgeous yellow flower in this months package. The petals are made to cover around the clip, and not stand up around it. Happy customer; check!

I also placed my second order to Julie Hewett Cosmetics. The Camellia balm has been something I've wanting to get for a long time. Even though it's pricy, the jar is around $20, I had a hunch that it would be worth it. The smell, oh the smell...! I love citrus smells, and this original Camellia balm has exactly that. But it doesn't really taste anything, which is good for my prefrence anyhow, and the scent disappears after sitting on your lips for a minute or two. Which is fine. The balm has a feel that's light as a feather, it's not at all greasy or heavy on your lips. By the way, this stuff works. Around the time I got this I actually had a one of those gross and annyoing split lips in the corner of my mouth. I applyed the balm before bed and the next morning the split was no more. I could still feel something there, but the sore had closed itself and didn't rip open when I opened my mouth. This was almost too good to be true, since I've had this kind of problem several times before and I've used tube after tube with chalpstick.. and it never did anything like this. Also, the Camellia balm is not only to use on your lips. You can use it for your face, hands and eye area. I tried it on a couple of dry spots that always annoy me on the sides and underneath my nose. Again, like with the sore in the corner of my mouth, it actually helped! I have to ask, what is this magic? Products that actually do what they're supposed to..? I'm sold. Well, I guess I kind of was after trying and adoring the Noir lipstick collection, but now I definitely am!

The second thing I got from Julie Hewett was this Cheekie palette with the colors pachie, rosie, natural and jami. I've been eyeing the peachie cheek color, I love peach colors, and the Cheekie colors come in single jars as well (similar to the Camellia balm jar), But since this May was 40% off every order, I figured it was just as well to go ahead and get the palette with four of the colors. To my surprise I've used the rosie color the most this far, peachie comes in on a close second, then jami and natural. The colors are really easy to blend and leave a beautiful color and glow to the skin. I love them, simple as that.

After opening everything I for some reason checked the box to see if there was anything else in there... And to my surprise, there was! I found the first sample, the Belle Noir lipstick, and screamed excited, before I found the Cheekie Rosie sample - also followed by a scream. Since I have both these products in original full size, I gave them away to my friend. The samples were a really good size and in good packaging/jars - considering the fact that they're just samples..! I was definitely impressed.


The Zany Housewife said...

I love your hairclip! I have never heard of Belle Blossoms, however, now I will have to check them out!

Thanks for sharing. Great post!

jewlover2 said...

Posting this on my facebook page...gotta help Heather out!!

Belle Blossoms said...

Thank you for the great review. I am so happy that you like your blossoms.

Which red rose do you have? Is it the 'real rose' or the 'Alice'? I am guessing the Alice since you said it's a little heavy for the clip. I feel bad that you had a problem with it being heavy, you should have told me. A couple of months ago I started attaching the 'Large and Lucious Roses' to the larger clip. I didn't discover the larger clip until I had been making those for awhile. Can you send me an email with your info and I'll send you another one on the larger clip.

But thank you so much for posting about my little company! I truly appreciate it!

Classic Retro Glamour said...

Yes, I believe it's one of the large luscious roses, the Alice rose.

I got the rose and some other smaller flowers and the fascinator from your site quite some time ago - and it didn't even cross my mind to say anything, or, "complain".

I LOVE your work, and check your site regularly to see if you've got some new creations ready to ship :)

Candace Lynn Grubbs said...

i got a white rose from blossom of the month! i love it! i cant wait for the next one i know what it is but i dont wanna say lol


Ej brukte Belle noir uten lipliner her om dagen, på Moa. Med fint hår og nedtona sminke kjøpte ej retroinspirert undertøy på Lindex:D

Ej må prøve mej litt meir på Cheekie Rosie.